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We Help Families Stay Together And Contribute To Society

We believe that women can make their communities a better place hence our goal which is to provide the tools, educational and coaching opportunities. In addition we support and encourage girls and women to take their place in our communities.

We believe that W.E.M.E.N can make a difference around the world in anadvancing global economy if given the right tools and opportunities.

If you made it to this page, I suspect you’re in touch with the driving belief that inspired me to become a life coach.


Be The Kind Of Parent Your Kids Deserve!

Preteens are coping with many changes – physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and sexually – as they navigate puberty.

It can be a confusing time for both kids and parents, as the preteen may feel and behave like an adult one day and a young child the next.

This stage of early adolescence is the beginning of the struggle for independence from parents. Preteens are faced with the questions “Who am I?” and “What does it mean to be me?”

Preteens are most concerned with peer acceptance. Fitting in with the peer group is the primary focus.

At this stage, parents often find it difficult to determine how much to loosen their control and what  the appropriate degree of freedom should be for their child.

It is important to know that granting more freedom is best done gradually and in small increments. While there will always be peers whose ‘parents let her/him do. . .’, it is unwise to follow suit.

Each child is different and his/her privileges and responsibilities should be determined by his/her level of maturity.

Siblings may reach developmental milestones and maturity at different ages. Each child should be treated accordingly.

Preteens are exerting their first attempts at independence and individuation from parents. This is a normal process that continues throughout adolescence.

As the child matures emotionally, s/he will become less dependent and enmeshed with parents. During this time, emotional separation begins as the adolescent begins to learn how to meet his/her own emotional needs.

Parents should allow young adolescents the space to work through these developmental tasks, while maintaining a safety net for setbacks.

Privileges such as dating and going out with friends should be earned and granted only as the preteen shows that s/he can handle it.

This is accomplished by giving him/her small doses of freedom to prove that s/he is responsible, then increased gradually in small increments. For example, double dating responsibly for a year before going on dates alone.



Parenting Coaching with W.E.M.E.N

Listening and leading in challenging situations to bring families together


If we can lessen the pain you’re sitting in today, tomorrow you’ll show up differently…
for yourself and for your kids.

At WEMEN, we transform lives through Spiritual and Energetic Coaching.

Women Empowerment, Motivation, Education, Need (W.E.M.E.N) is a global mission to help women, girls and families around the globe to fufil their dreams and full potential through meaningfull relationships, education and entrepreneurship.


  • Basic life Support  BLS
  • Care Certification
  • Computer Skills
  • Information Technology
  • English & Maths


90 Minute Break Through Sessions on a single core issue or trigger

90 Minute Break Through Sessions on a single core issue or trigger

12 - Session Packages  may be split between 2 parents

12 - Session Packages may be split between 2 parents

6 Session Packages

6 Session Packages

3 Hour Crisis Management Session

3 Hour Crisis Management Session

What Does Co-Parenting Look Like?

While it may be hard to imagine from where you stand today, divorced parents can create beautiful families together. Through dedication and workable co-parenting strategies, you can :

  • Raise joyous kids who feel free to discuss both parents without guilt or the fear of repercussions
  • Live without anxiety or animosity around interactions with your ex
  • Create a fluid sharing of homes that supports the needs of your kids
  • Share significant events in your kids’ lives without pain or trepidation
  • Integrate step-parents in a loving and supportive way
  • Avoid super-spoiling, overcompensating with money, or “Disneyland Parent” syndrome
  • See your spouse in your kids, and come to appreciate and celebrate it
  • Trade schedules with your spouse and support one-another’s growth and expansion
  • Discuss your children openly when problems arise, with solutions (rather than blame) as the goal

I've been there. And It's why I'm here.

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I’ve been there. And it’s why I’m here.













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